Persistence: A Powerful Expression of Your Mental Strength

   You can’t expect to get far in life without persistence. I’m not saying you won’t survive or that you can’t get by, just that you won’t be able to realize your dreams that way. In fact, there are people from all walks of life with incredible talents and highly-developed skills who are not particularly successful. Some would even be considered “losers” in certain circles, simply because they’ve never reached the height of their respective professions, despite extensive knowledge and experience.

   On the flip-side, there are others who are not particularly talented or smart, who somehow manage to become multi-millionaires – and yes, even billionaires. But how can this be? How can it be that we’re told we have to go to school for x-number of years to become successful, while people like these have us all beat? Truth be told, you’ll often find that the most highly-educated among us are working for high school and college dropouts.

The Importance of Persistence

   Before you get too pissed off thinking about how unfair this seems, consider that we may have been missing the forest for the trees all along. Sure, it’s great to develop useful skills and learn everything you can about your chosen profession. But none of that will do you any good, if you’re not prepared to deal with defeat. Whatever skills these people might lack, the one thing they do have working in their favor is that they simply don’t give up.

   In fact, they keep at it quite stubbornly. Despite having the odds stacked against them, they know that if they persist at it long enough, they will eventually figure out what needs to be figured out and learn what they need to learn to achieve their objective. There are people like this all over the world and though you might not hear of them often, they’re actually more likely to succeed than those who have everything going for them, but can’t keep it together in times of hardship.

   The simple fact is that although you’re not guaranteed success with tremendous effort, you’re all but guaranteed total failure when you give up. Giving up is like admitting you’re not good enough. It’s like giving it only one shot, then packing up and walking away when that one shot doesn’t land on target. The persistent person knows that just because they’re not smart enough to begin with doesn’t mean they can’t learn more, acquire new skills, and perfect the ones they’ve got.

Persistence and Problem-Solving

   One way I like to think of this is by comparing chasing a goal to opening a combination lock on a safe. In order for the lock to open, a series of tumblers have to line up as you turn the dial in different directions. Each turn has the potential to bring one of them into alignment. The easiest way is by knowing the combination, but a good safe-cracker uses sound to guide him, as each tumbler falls into place.

   In my mind’s eye, I view all complex problems this way. Some are more difficult to solve than others, but the principle is the same. The problem is usually not solved in one step and solving each step is like tuning out everything else and listening to the sounds of the tumblers as you turn the dial. As you figure out each step of the problem you’re trying to solve, you’re essentially lining up another tumbler and getting one step closer to cracking the safe. When you line up the last one, the lock pops open and you’ve achieved your objective.

   Remember that until you’re willing to break each problem down into smaller steps, you face the prospect of becoming overwhelmed. And as we all know, those who become overwhelmed rarely make sound decisions and often find themselves buried even deeper as they stumble along, aimlessly. That’s like spinning the dial on the safe in quiet desperation, hoping that somehow it will magically line up and all your problems will be solved.

   I hate to break it to you, but that’s never going to happen.

   When faced with a problem, your best bet is to find a quiet place to focus, then take a pen and paper and write out all the steps that need to be taken to solve it. If there are unknowns, add in a smaller series of steps within the list for figuring out those unknowns, so you can continue with the next step, once you do. Note that you may have to amend your list from time to time, as situations arise and as you learn more about the steps required to reach your goal.

   The other critical step is to commit yourself to seeing the process through. THAT is the part that requires persistence, as nothing else you are doing will count without it. Depending on how difficult the objective is, you probably WILL stumble through the process. But if you’re not willing to dust yourself off and get back on the horse, why bother breaking it down into manageable steps in the first place?

What’s the Point?

   The point of this is to reduce the overwhelm factor, so as to minimize the impact of the smaller mistakes you’re likely to make. If you’ve broken it down enough, the smaller steps should not be so bad that you’re unwilling to get back up. Think of it like breaking down the number 100. You can break it down into two 50s, four 25s, five 20s, ten 10s, twenty 5s – or even a hundred 1s. If the problem is still too hard, maybe you need to go from a two-part process to a four or five.

   The point is to break it down into bite-sized pieces that YOU can handle. NOT someone else, but YOU. You are an individual and your situation is different. It doesn’t mean you can’t reach the same heights as someone with less on their plate, but rather that you need to manipulate the process in such a way as to make it attainable for YOU. You may excel in something completely different, which is why someone else’s strategy might not suit you.

   This may seem like a long-winded post, but my point is to get across the idea that persistence is the biggest factor. The reason for breaking down your goals into smaller chunks is to open an easier path for persistence. Keep in mind that it’s not always easy to get back on the horse, but it helps if the horse has a saddle on his back and if he’s trained to stand still. The same applies to persistence. It can be hard to muster up, but there are ways to break things down so it’s less of a struggle.

Mark Abbott


  1. An interesting article, which highlights a number of points.  If we do not try to overcome failure with persistence then we fail.  Surely, we must accept that we should develop a very strong mindset to enable us to conquer failure, this in itself is persistence is it not? We just have to be very strong.

    Great article

  2. Hi Mark

    What a great article you have for people like me who are just embarking on a new opportunity in the online space. I so need this great reminder so that I will be successful in my online endeavours. I have persisted in most aspects of my life and I wanted to persist in my online business. It is easier said than done of course, I can come up with a million excuses but I think I just need to JUST DO IT! Brilliant one Mark. Cheers!


    • Thank you, Junalyn! Yes, we all need those reminders from time to time. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I completely agree with you about how many people who followed an educational path end up working for somebody who chose not to do that. As a teacher, my opinion is that the educational system has its flaws. Don’t get me wrong, some people will be very successful following it but many don’t. This system is designed for a certain type of learner. Thank you for sharing this useful information. 

  4. I love it!  Persistence and problem solving!  A wonderful break down of what it takes to make it.  All affiliate marketers should read this.  I have never quite read a post that breaks it down this well.  I definitely will be sharing this with my friends and fellow marketers.  How long have you been blogging?  I will bookmark this site and keep an eye out for more posts such as this.  What a wonderful presentation!  Great work!  

    • Thanks, Jon! I believe everyone can benefit from a foundation built on persistence, especially affiliate marketers and everyone with the entrepreneurial itch. I’ve been blogging for a couple years, but I attribute sticking to it mostly to persistence. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. Persistence is indeed a very powerful expression of one’s mental strength and I must tell I have seen this in action and iustvsay it works like crazy…..when you persist I doesn’t only show strength but builds it also…thanks alot for this awesome article it would be of  help us all.

  6. rich and successful people work 16-hour days. Everyone else does not. Every millionaire and billionaire will tell you that they are obsessed with their business. It’s all about how you measure success. Everyone has their own dreams. and desires life. Only you Can determine what’s right for you. For me, I want to master the guitar. I want to get 10,000 hours. That is success to me.

    • That’s awesome! I used to play, but it’s been a few years. Best of luck to you on your journey and thanks for stopping by!


  7. I agree persistence is key, and it is not a once size fits all quality. Some people have more than others, some people require more than others based off of their lifestyle. I read somewhere, I think it was a Forbes article, that the difference between high level and low level professionals is how they THINK. We all have different skill sets, experiences, and strengths…what we have does not matter if we dont know how to use it efficiently. Breaking down large goals into small goals is something that has definitely helped me in my life as well. It has gotten me farther than just focusing on a larger goal with too many components because as you said, you’re able to pay more attention to details, and the smaller components that come along with the bigger picture. Thank you for your content! I needed that bit of motivation today 🙂

  8. Mark thank you for your post! I love the idea of your post and as well the facts you are mentioning there. I totally agree with you that in order to be successful you have to possess the right mix of persistence, problem-solving skills and stubbornly and tirelessly getting to the point you would like to see yourself. I loved your guidance on how to be a perfect problem solver, with a pen and paper. I am doing the same and it is working perfectly for me! I think more people have to realize that the problem would become so smaller when they will write it down instead like keeping it in their mind only and having already that big giant thought about that! Everything can be solved. Another perfect example you mentioned are dropouts out of the schools employing highly educated people. The truth is that standard education is out of date, yo have to be self-educated in order to be successful. Thus specialized skilled instead of generally skilled. Perfect article and I am going to follow you! 

    • Thanks, Julius! Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Thank you for sharing this informative and motivating article about The strong mind.Persistence is indeed a very powerful expression. I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with you but l have never thought of it before reading this post breaking down large goals onto small goals will help me as l am still a newbie in the online world. I will share your article with my referrals. Great post.

    Wishing you all the best!

  10. Hello there,

    Thank you for this brilliant article. Great topic. Well done written. Good job in putting all together.

    Persistance is a very powerful tool, but unfortunatelly it requires a strong MINDSET, which many people do not have. That is why, most of them already give up after only a few steps.

    Thank you for sharing. I will look forward more new articles. 

    • Yes, indeed! That’s why I chose to name the site “The Strongest Mind.” Without a strong and healthy mindset, we can’t expect to get far. Thanks for stopping by!


  11. What a fantastic post, and one we all need to read regularly as a reminder to keep going when the going gets tough! I’ve started a new venture and get easily overwhelmed and have previously given up…but that’s no longer an option, so persistence and determination are key from now on! 

  12. Hello Mark, What a great article you have for people like me who are just embarking on a new opportunity in the online space. A wonderful break down of what it takes to make it.  All affiliate marketers should read this.  I have never quite read a post that breaks it down this well. I will share in my social groups. Hope everyone will get new ideas.

  13. An interesting article, which highlights a number of points.  If we do not try to overcome failure with persistence then we fail. I have persisted in most aspects of my life and I wanted to persist in my online business. Persistence is indeed a very powerful expression of one’s mental strength. Thanks a lot for such useful article.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Bai Asha! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  14. This is really a great article on the power of persistence.

    With persistence, lots of big goals that we set can’t to do each year will probably going to fail as we simply do not have the enough will power to complete the gaols.

    I like that part where we find a quiet corner to focus so that we can process our thoughts better.

    Instead of getting overwhelmed, it is always good that we breal our goals into smaller actionable steps so that we can take actions immediately.

    The best part is that with the right effort, persistence, everything is achievable.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share!


  15. Indeed persistence with the right knowledge is a key factor to success. I also think that in the process of breaking down a situation into smaller actionable bits, it would yield more results to gather specialised comprehensive information about the situation or project at hand firstly. Fortunately, we have access to great range of valuable information online to aid ease of accomplishment. Indeed persistence is the greatest asset of a strong mind as it links with the will power, which is a gift that can never be taken away from us. Thank you so much for this practical guide to solutions creation. Best Regards

  16. Thanks for stopping by and sharing such a great and informative article on Strong mind. Persistence is something everyone needs to know more about and how powerful it can be. I was overwhelmed and so happy reading your post and I agree with you. I also read more to fact that talk about large goals and small goals. I’m not so exposed to online activities yet. but I’m learning so much from this article. I really applaud this great article once more and I’m definitely gonna share this to my friends to have a view at it too.

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